important update

Thank you so much for supporting us and our brand new record through Pledge Music. Due to Pledge Music’s business decisions, we (and many other bands) have not received any of the money that YOU contributed to this project (see link below to Billboard Music article about Pledge Music not paying bands). We have contacted them and tried every avenue possible to remedy the situation and to receive the money we are owed, but Pledge is choosing to not hold up their end. That is NOT going to stop us, or the release of our new album, “Lucky Stars”. As a Pledge Music backer, you ARE going to receive everything we promised you, even though Pledge has failed us. We want to say that again to make sure you understand, you WILL receive every item promised and this album will not be delayed! We are too proud of what we have created and have figured out other means to make this project a reality. Our advice to you is to dispute your charges with your bank/credit card company and get back the money that Pledge Music has stolen from you. If you are able to get that money back and feel lead, PLEASE click the link below and send the money directly to us through PayPal. Every dollar will help! You WILL receive your items whether you pay through this PayPal link or not. We don’t want our fans to pay the price for Pledge Music’s poor decisions. We are going to turn this circumstance into a positive thing and make sure every fan receives every item they were promised. We have the items purchased and shipping addresses for every Pledge Music backer. Have no fear, your items WILL appear! We could not do anything without every single one of y’all and this record is no different! Thank you so much for supporting us initially through Pledge Music and we hope you choose to support us through this PayPal link below. Thank you so much for your love and support and we hope you enjoy our BRAND NEW record, “Lucky Stars”.